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Rental questions.

I was evicted from my apartment in February of 2002. I'm actually looking into getting it overturned, because I have reason to believe it was unlawful for them to evict me, due to a sketchy contract and lease. Anyway, my point is this probably won't be resolved for a good while, and there's a chance I'll be moving to Florida soon, and I'll need to get on a lease there. My question is will I be able to get on a lease (my credit kind of sucks), without a cosigner? I have been subletting since the eviction, so I have not been on a lease since. The place I want to apply to live in is a nice complex in South Florida, and the Florida rental appilcations ask outright if you've ever been evicted. Of course I'm not going to lie on it, but how badly is that going to affect my chances.

I will be applying to rent an apartment with my boyfriend. I'm not applying for my own place. He makes enough to cover the entire apartment, as he makes way more than I do.
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