Emily (euka) wrote in thequestionclub,

Thank you to all who helped me know what to look for in an apartment. I found one that I love, but now here comes the other stuff.

1. What should I keep an eye out for when I read the lease? Anything that will stick out as 'lets get the tenant for all they're worth' or 'yeah right like we'll fix that'. I don't want to miss something then have the roof collapse and not get it fixed for a week (I really do think these are decent people i'm renting from, but I don't want to take any chances)

2. What other things should I do before I move? I plan on changing my address with the post office, and notifying the bank. Who else should I be telling?

3. We're asking around for furniture and the like that people don't want/need. In case we find 10 chairs and no table, or have to pile our books on the floor, where would you find super cheap, decent furniture? (I've heard yard sales, but its the middle of winter and nobody seems to be having any)

4. Cable and phones. (Wireless high speed comes with the place). What is the best phone plan? He's thinking he'll just get a cell phone, but I have no idea whats out there or whats best. What about cable? He really only wants it for football, and I don't want it at all. Whats cheap and easy?

5. Anything else I should know about moving? The last time I mived somewhere I was 8 and I didn't have a clue about any of this stuff.

And I just want to say how wonderful the apartment is! Great building, 1br, ht&hw included, lovely kitchen with lots of cabinets, and they're putting ceiling fans in the bedroom and living room, another walk in closet (yes, ANOTHER), and ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom, directly across the street from a gym (where I already have a membership), and the whole building has high speed wireless for free!! (and he can bring his kitties along)

I am beyond excited, this is my first place!
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