katie_of_arabia (holdyourdevil) wrote in thequestionclub,


My neighbors are blasting music and slamming things around and screaming at each other.  It's pretty bad right now, and it's distracting me from writing my paper (really, it is, this isn't just another excuse). 

My options are:

A. Go to the 24-hr Starbucks on campus to write this fucking paper.  Upside: Coffee and no pounding music or crashing noises.  Downside: Not as comfy and I can't park in the garage closest to Starbucks because it's after a certain hour and it'll be ticketed or towed.  So I'll have a long way to walk in the rain and dark all by myself.  Also, the fighting upstairs is starting to scare me and I feel like it might be a good thing if I stayed here in case I need to call the police before anyone gets hurt. 

B. Stay here.  Upside: I can always call the police and make a complaint, and I can wear my pajamas and eat more chili mac.  Downside: The neighbors are horrible and I suspect they are the ones who keyed my car a couple of months ago after I made a similar noise complaint after a similar night like this.  Plus, it is vital that I get this paper done TONIGHT, and I'll have a better chance at doing that at Starbucks if they don't shut up. 

ETA Option C. I guess I could call the police and then leave, and hope that they somehow notice my car is gone and then assume I didn't call...?

What should I do??
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