Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Thanks to monthly bartholin gland abscesses and a chronic sinus infection, I've been on antibiotics every month since June. Not the whole time, but least 1.5 weeks out of every month have been spent taking antibiotics. As a result, I've felt kind of run down and had a very sensitive stomach for a while.

Yesterday, I had a bartholin gland abscess rupture (a few hours before I was supposed to have surgery on it, of course) and went to the gyno to get it looked at anyway. She said it wasn't infected and looked alright, but wanted to put me on antibiotics as a precaution. I said alright, but when I saw what she prescribed me (and after reading about it), I changed my mind. She wanted to give me clindamycin, which is apparently a pretty powerful antibiotic and is one of the top ones linked to c. diff or psuedomembranous colitis. Since I already have stomach issues and have been on antibiotics for a while, I figured Clindamycin wasn't the best antibiotic for me, especially for just precautionary measures.

I called the gyno this morning and while she wouldn't change my antibiotic to something less strong, she said that it was ultimately up to me whether I took them or not, as she didn't realize I had been on antibiotics so much over the course of the past few months. She didn't seem too concerned when I expressed that I didn't really want to take these because of the risks. She seemed like it was alright if I didn't take them and that nothing bad would happen if I chose not to.

So, would you take them anyway? Or would you just hope for the best and hope to not get an infection?
Was I wrong to go against the doctor and ask for something less powerful? :\

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