Ciara la Belle (ciara_belle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ciara la Belle

Do you watch the Super Bowl? (If you're outside the US and watch it, let me know!)

Do you watch it for the commercials or the football? Or both? ;D

Do you usually have/attend a Super Bowl party?

Who are you rooting for this Sunday? (If you're a football fan)

Who would you like to see in the Super Bowl?

Every year. Hopefully I'll find somewhere to watch it over here.

I watch it for both. But mostly for the football.

I usually watch it with friends at school, but not necessarily having a party. Freshman year we had a party as one of our "dorm activities". This year, I'm attempting to convince our abroad director that we need to have a party.

Pittsburgh, obviously. ;D Go Steelers!

Steelers vs. Seahawks.
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