And I'm off to save the world. (tentongoldfish) wrote in thequestionclub,
And I'm off to save the world.

Say you've ended an emotionally/mentally abusive friendship with someone. Do you try to contact them to give their stuff back?

Had a friend. Treated me like shit. Isolated me from people I once knew because she said they had said terrible stuff about me and I trusted her. Stole makeup, money, clothes, and purses from me. Liked to ruin stuff and blame it on me. Got me fired from a job. Constantly told me I was unlovable and unwanted and would be single for the rest of my life. Stood me up constantly. Made plans and then cancelled to go spend time with her boyfriend. Wouldn't answer the phone when I called because she knew it would trigger panic attacks....the list goes on.

Before you think I'm stupid (you still can if you want, I feel it) I didn't know most of us until about September after a seven year "friendship." After I asked her not to contact me again (and started reconnecting with friends I had lost due to her) she started trying to ruin my life.

So, I feel kind of justified in just putting it all in a box for Goodwill and considering the situation completely done. There are no mutual friends in this situation, since everyone we knew together (there were maybe three) dropped her once everything she did came to light.)

Or I could just go drop it on her porch during the day when I know no one will be home. She has a couple of big dogs that have attacked people before so that makes me nervous, honestly. IDK.

What would TQC do?
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