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Probably tl;dr, but I need to ask about it.

Ok, so my mom was taken to the hospital on Sunday at 10:00 pm for breathing problems. My neighbor Laura has been driving me and my dad to the hospital and back, and taking me home from work. At first I was afraid of taking advantage of her, but she insists she wants to help and that I'm being silly. I've also been keeping her posted on how Mom is doing. Just now, she knocked on my door and offered to take me to Shoprite in case I needed something, which I don't, so I turned her down politely and thanked her for her concern 'cause I already have stuff in the house.

I want to do something for this lady cause I feel kind of bad asking her to drive me and my dad to the hospital that first night, especially when it was so late, and making her take time out of her day to drive me around (I don't drive). I apologized up and down for waking her up but she shrugged it off. So aside from just giving her gas money, which I intend to be generous with, what can I do for her? She likes to needlepoint, so I was thinking of making her something out of plastic canvas, which she was interested in when I told her about it.
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