umbluemusic (umbluemusic) wrote in thequestionclub,

What is something awesome that happened to someone you know that you've been excited about lately? Does it ever let you down when your family doesn't get excited about potentially big things?

My cousin is a record rep for a newish label, and one of her groups that she is responsible for just got a single at number one on their genre's charts. Its a pretty big/exciting thing for her, and I'm really happy since she travels so much and works harder than pretty much anyone I know, but I told a bunch of family members today and they were all like "Ok? Cool, I guess?" and it disappointed me.

I am supposed to go into the doctor's office tomorrow to learn how to use a continuous glucose monitor that I've had sitting around the house for two years. The problem is...I can't find it. On a scale of 1-10, how pissed are they going to be when I call them at the crack of dawn and explain that I lost this device and don't see the point of commuting in super early when I don't have it?

The one receptionist...if I get her, I fully expect a reaction of around 8. She takes things personally. The other doesn't seem to care much though. I'm crossing my fingers that it is her.
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