chelle (sweetassalt) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm food obsessed, obviously.

Is there a food that you love but don't eat because it's just not worth it (too bad for you, too hard to cook, too expensive?)
Is there a food that you love and will make the necessary sacrifices (nutrition, money, time, etc) to eat?
What about a food that you dislike but choke down because you know it's good for you?
Something that you won't eat no matter how awesome other people think it is?

For example, I frackin' love PopTarts, but they have a ridiculous amount of calories and sugar for 4 bites of food that I am still hungry after I eat.  On the other hand, homemade lasagna tastes better than being skinny feels.  I eat bananas, apples and oranges because I know they're good for me but I don't really like them.  And I don't care how "good for me" or "delicious" salmon is, I can't ever choke it down.

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