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Car Buying

Hello everyone! Long time reader via a friend's journal, first time poster...

I'm currently in a really crappy situation. I'm a junior in college with a piece of crap car that's living on borrowed time ('91 Chevy Lumina), the breaks are about to go, and the exhaust system looks like it's about to fall off. I've put over $2000 into this car in the last year, and because of that I haven't been able to save any money from my job (I make about $9, working 20ish hours a week.)

This is the second car I've owned, and like the first one, I bought this one from a private seller, and both have crapped out on me like this. I would really like to buy a car from a car lot, as there are several around here (Northeastern Wisconsin), who offer warranties on their used cars.

I don't have a ton of money (I could have about $1000 by the end of February if I try really hard,) and I don't think taking out a loan is a good option (I have either no credit, or bad credit, not sure which.) I also have no one who would be able to co-sign a loan (my father has horrible credit), so that's not an option either.

My questions are:
-What is typically due up front when you buy a car?
-What can I do to find money for a down payment?
-Any suggestions on what to look for at dealerships, that might be of help?
-Any suggestions of places that might be able to help me purchase a car, as my family currently does live below the poverty line?

Thanks so much in advance, this community always seems to have good answers and advice!
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