Breathe and Stop (cadaver_andante) wrote in thequestionclub,
Breathe and Stop

wtf: work troubles

I just started working at a store last Sunday. I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Black Friday. The whole time I've been a pretty good worker, and I got compliments from some of the older people who worked there, saying that I was doing really well. Workers were set with goals of how much to sell during your shift and our goals were being tracked as we cashed people at the cash register. Every day I worked I went over my goal, with my biggest being 224% on Black Friday.

Now, I got my schedule for the next couple of weeks and saw that the shifts they assigned me were ALL clashing with my days for school. I pulled aside one of the managers on my floor and asked her if it would be okay to change the days. I told her my availability, and she seemed a little annoyed, saying that I was hired as night part time (why, I don't know), and that I needed to do a certain amount of closing shifts, but she'd "see what she can do." She wrote down my availabilities for the next two weeks and my phone number and said she'd call me if she needed me to work on Sunday, and to tell me my new schedule. It's now Monday, and she never called me. I went to our work website to check my schedule for this week, and suddenly my information--as in what department I work in and my schedules-- are not on the website. They were there before, and now they're gone (I get a message that said "Area Name Not On File", and when I look for my schedule it said it's not available for this week). I'm freaking out, because I'm worried that the discrepancy about my availability was more trouble than I thought it would be. I'm thinking maybe they fired me are are gonna call me to tell me soon. I've tried calling my manager but first I got busy signals, and then rings and her voicemail. I left her a message about wanting to know my schedule, so now all I have to do is wait for a phone call.

Am I fired, y'all? Or am I getting worked up about nothing? I'm telling myself to calm down and check back tomorrow but I can't help but think that this shadiness means I've been let go.

EDIT: I apparently freaked out over nothing. I just checked back, and the site was just down. My schedule and information just came back up, but now I have a new problem: No one changed my schedule. They still want me to come back and work all those days that clash with my class times for school. *le sigh* I have to still go to the store Wednesday and beg someone to change it. I feel like such a dingus, but that was seriously a suspicious situation. It looked like I was wiped from the system!

Thanks for helping me out, though!

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