abby (succ33d) wrote in thequestionclub,

**EDIT**--The dog was picked up, but thank you for all of your opinions.

I am having a problem and need some different opinions.

There is a dog that lives in the neighborhood that has been running around in the road and in peoples yards for the past two weeks. it came into my yard earlier, helped one of my dogs dig a hole and both of them escaped. Luckily my dog came back, with the neighborhood dog. I managed to trap him in my yard and call animal control. I have called them twice, the first time they told me they would be here in 10 minutes. I waited 30 and then called for ths second time. They told me again that they would be here soon, but there isn't anything thatthey can do about it because the dog lives in the neighborhood, so they can't take it. I told them I didn't feel comfortable with putting my dogs outside, one of my dogs isn't fixed because we are going to be breeding her and I don't know if the neighborhood dog is fixed. I don't want her getting pregnant yet. She is getting ready to go into heat, so it should be starting in the next 7-10 days. I also don't know if this dog has gotten his shots and I don't want my dogs exposed to anything.

I tried to be nice to them about the situation, but I'm getting upset about it. it's been 30 minutes since I called the second time, they still aren't here. I have walked around to my neighbors houses, no one else is home so I can't ask anyone whose dog it is.

My question is, what would you do in this situation? Would you call again, would you just give up? I am thinking about just taking it down there myself, but I feel better about animal control picking the dog up.
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