Australian for geek (xandah) wrote in thequestionclub,
Australian for geek

Driving stick

A question for those of you that drive manual transmissions.

When I was taught to drive a manual, I was taught that when approaching a red light or a stop sign I should put the car in neutral and brake as evenly as possible until I came to a complete stop. When driving with someone else, I was told that you should instead downshift through each gear, using engine braking to slow the car, only applying the brakes at low speed. The explanation I was given was this allows you to accelerate at any time if necessary.

Personally this doesn't make much sense to me as
A: I don't think the fraction of a second it takes to put the car back into gear makes THAT much of a difference.
B: Worn out brakes are a simple, cheap and innevitible repair, a worn out transmission and/or clutch is a major, expensive, and avoidable repair.
C: As long as I'm in a slow and controlled slowdown to a stop, I can't really think of any situation where I'd need to instantly accelerate.

How do you slow down for a stop?
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