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Question for you Fitness Experts

I've looked around at a bunch of websites, read a bunch of stuff so I have some ideas, but I'm not sure how to put it all together. So now I come to you guys and gals for assistance.

I need to get exercise. Bad. What would be the best combination of exercise routines for me?

I want to lose some weight - namely, the bit of tummy flab I have, as well as some fat off of my thighs and butt. Otherwise, I'm fine, and I've got a good BMI rating and everything. From reading stuff, I know I won't be able to lose anything off of there without a full-body exercise regimen, so I have to exercise everything (unless you know some way I can just tone these areas down, but from everything I've read, that isn't possible). I know some diet adjustment should also play a part, but I can handle that, so we're just looking at exercise right now.

What I have available: My university fitness centre facilities - your standard exercise room, jogging track, ice rink (and right now also the world's longest skating rink in the form of the Rideau Canal, when it stops raining), pool.

Not an option: Classes of any kind. My schedule is too all over the place. Also it is cold and icy, so running outside = bad.

I'm pretty out of shape. Walking up six flights of stairs in a row has me gasping for air for a short while. So nothing too intensive to start off with.

If you can't help out with specific ideas, do you know of any (free) websites that can construct a personalized exercise plan? I haven't come across any.

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