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Is it strange if your manager invites you to go water skiing on his boat with him?

And let's say when you tell him you're not interested he tells you your ex is going to be there. But he says it in a way as if it's supposed to make you want to come. He also let's you know that him and you're ex talk about you all the time. And yes, he does know that you two dated at one point. You can read the conversation below the cut.


M: It's getting warmer outside. I'll be able to take my boat out.
S: Oh, you have a boat? That's cool.
M: Yeah, I like to go water skiing.
S: Fun.
M: We should go on my boat one of these days.
S: Oh, water skiing really isn't my thing.
M: It'll be fun!
S: I honestly don't like water skiing.
M: I could teach you.
S: No, it's ok.
M: Brent will be there.
S: That would be funny to watch.
M: So you'll be there.
S: No. It's not my kind of thing.
M: You know, Brent told me he teases you. He told me a lot of things about you.

and then the conversation went on about how him and Brent talk about me a lot. It was awkward. Oh, just as a side note, I work with my ex. He's actually the one that got me the job. Also, there's been a rumor going around work that I'm interested in one of my co-workers which also happens to be one of his friends. What are your thoughts?
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