Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

mmkay. I have to go to certain organisations and pester them with questions to write a short blurb about them, as an aside to a larger article about a big "hey, these are some of the ISU clubs" party.

I already plan to ask each of them about meeting times, how formal/fun meetings are, stuff they do at meetings...

but other than that, what questions would you have for
-a philosophy club?
-amateur radio club?
-Celtic dance club?

tell me what my theoretical readers want to know.

and... say you're looking for a job. There's a job where the pay is good($8/hr+tips), the pace is fast(classified ad asks for 'unflinching help' who 'must bust ass', and the hours work for college students- 8p.m.-2a.m.ish thur/fri/sat. The place has thrived in a college town, and has been referenced (good reference) in local newspaper and magazine articles, and in a mini survival guide for this college. You've seen the people at work and they look like they don't hate their job. they get to listen to loud radio and such.
On the other hand, it's apparently a job you can do stoned... as evidenced by people warning you that your coworkers will consistently be stoned. not -might be-, will be. And your clientele is 98% drunks (most of the drunks worship you and form a neat orderly line, but they're still drunk).

Waht do you think? My friend who used to work there says he'd vouch for me to the boss, but my friends are trying to persuade me away from it.
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