kitlizzy (kitlizzy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does styrofoam leech into hot foods?

My husband insists that if you use a styrofoam cup or bowl for heating foods in the microwave, or if you make instant oatmeal or hot tea or anything hot in them, that some of the styrofoam leeches into the food, and furthermore that "everyone" knows this and it's common knowledge you're not supposed to do those things.

He therefore refuses to eat instant oatmeal for breakfast at work because he'd have to use a styrofoam bowl (no dish washing facilities or paper products), or to reheat anything that comes in a styrofoam take-away container.

I can't find anything either way on this one. Snopes didn't have anything and googling isn't helping. Personally I call urban myth, or at least a level of contamination so small as to not even be worth bothering about.
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