Elaine (elainemcplane) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi, I'm 14 and I live in Canada.

Sooo, just before my winter holidays had started. (Dec. 23) I recieved a letter/form with a record of my past immunizations; then it gave me a small list of vaccines that I need to be given which are: Diphtheria and Tetanus. Once I recieved these vacinations, it stated that I needed to complete the form and return it to the office by Jan 18.

My mom assumed the letter was regarding a "14-year-old" needle shot. So, she called the family doctor and made an appointment for me to get the "14-year-old" needle shot on Dec. 19. That day came, I went and got some needle, which I have no clue what it was exactly for. And being the idiot that I am, I didn't bother to show them the letter that I recieved. Then they started talking about how I need to come back when I am 15 to get the "15-year-old" needle shot-- which I believe is Meningitus.

The letter only began to bother me when I saw this girl in my class ask if she could bring her letter to the office because she had already completed filling it in. Up until this point I didn't even know that I was suppose to have this form filled in & returned. I started thinking about how I only got 1 needle; and the letter said I needle 2.

So my question is: does anybody know what the "14-year-old" needle shot is?
Is it either diphtheria or tetanus at all?

Thanks in advance!

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