KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

I finally applied to become a student at the university that employs me. I work a job where half of the employees are undergraduate students working part time, and the other half are just non-students who don't have degrees or aren't otherwise qualified for salaried positions, and we work full time.

Given that I will be admitted to this university (not very difficult), and given that I work at the university already, should I tell my employer that I applied? Or should I wait until everything is settled with my financial aid prospects and I decide whether to enroll (at the end of this semester)?

Becoming a student would ultimately mean I couldn't work full time, and would not be able to move up to any positions where secure student information is available to employees (there are such positions in my department). However, I could continue to work in my current job until I get my degree a long time from now, and then I'd be qualified for any number of salaried staff positions. Either way it's unlikely I'll find a better job so my goal is to keep working there and hope that I make the right decisions in order to get promotions and/or raises.

*Edit* I'm not a salaried staff member, just an hourly employee in the same job class as part-time student workers. There are literally no benefits for hourly workers; we are essentially disposable. Luckily it's very hard to get fired from this job, so it's something I know I can keep while I work on a degree, even if it sucks.
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