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I'm trying to revamp my website so it doesn't suck but I'm having issues with thumbnails. When I do the pages over again they'll be white with black text, and the photos on my site will be of abandoned buildings, cemeteries, nature stuff, my cats, etc.

Which thumbnails do you guys prefer?

These actually have a white border around them since originally they were on a black background. If I use these should I keep the white or add a black border? I use those here

Bigger, but if I use these should I add a border? I use those here

On one website I have I use blank thumbnails and when you put your mouse over them it gives you a brief description of the gallery. I use those here

Or does anyone have any other suggestions? I haven't updated my main website in over a year and I'm trying to make it not suck. And hopefully no one thinks I'm just trying to pimp my site, I only gave the links so people could see how they worked on the page. Red x's abound as I've already started cleaning it up.

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