teeflet (teefers) wrote in thequestionclub,

Well now that Halloween is over, our Christmas tree is going up soon. For the past couple of years, my SO and I have been picking out and chopping down our own tree at a tree farm (we've tried different farms). Problem is, since the tree was outdoors, its always got little critters living in it. The last tree had hundreds, if not thousands, of spider eggs that hatched once they were in the warmth of our home. Hooray. Trees from tree lots (where the tree is already chopped down) don't last as long, and I'm not really into fake Christmas trees. So TQC, tell me, what do I do about my tree this holiday season? Is there a way to de-bug it before bringing it in the house? Where do you get your tree every holiday season and have you had bug problems like this? I don't remember having this problem as a child when we picked out our tree and brought it home. Any other suggestions?

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