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Have you ever felt like you were a robot or didn't have a soul?

Sometimes I feel like I'm not real because I've never had the experiences that most of my peers have had. I've never been drunk, and not for lack of trying. I've never been kissed or had sex. I've never been to a party. I have these debilitating fears, like being naked in front of someone, or doing something that others would laugh at me for.

I've never been anywhere on my own. I don't feel most of the time. Sad things happen and I don't react at all. The only real things I feel are anger and that deep unending depression. Sometimes I just want to turn the steering wheel real sharp and go off the road.

Obviously most of you aren't going to care about me not having a soul, so what's your favourite Mexican dish? What about Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese? Indian?

There's a local Mexican place that makes these carne asada fries and they're amazing. Vietnamese is a rice noodle dish with chicken and salad. Chinese would be Cashew Chicken, and Japanese would have to be spicy shrimp ramen. I've only had Indian once, but the chicken curry I had was really good. 

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