Oh, I... oh. I'd better go. (arrngingmatches) wrote in thequestionclub,
Oh, I... oh. I'd better go.

my head is exploding.

So, firefox forced me to switch profiles, insisting my usual one was in use, and now I haven't the foggiest how to switch back. I googled several times, and everything tells me I have to go to the "profiles" folder in the firefox folder, but no such folder exists. It might not help that my roomate was fucking around yesterday and I'm full of spyware now. Is there any way I can get everything back- bookmarks, Stumbleupon, no freaking mywebsearch bar?

Also, is there any way I can set back the computer, so everything done in the last day is erased? I know I've heard of it. My family says I need a special disk for that, but neglect to see if we have it. Is it possible? Do I need a disk or anything for it?
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