Emo (sweet_emo) wrote in thequestionclub,

First the G-rated question.

I have to meet someone tomorrow. How do I pronounce this surname--- Falcone. Does it rhyme with cone or is it pronounced fal-cone-y?

I've been romming with a friend for a few days. She's allright, but I noticed that she never wipes after defecating. She always runs the shower after using the restroom, but when she comes out, she's not wrapped in a towel like after a shower. Plus, I thought I found brown fecal matter in the shower floor this morning.

It grosses me out to think she's possibly using the shower as a bidet instead of using TP. Should I bring it up with her or just let it go? There's only one shower in the house, and I'd feel awkward going to a motel since I plan to return home on Sunday. (I left home and went this with this friend since I just needed to get away for a few days for certain complications at home, or at least until a certain someone also leaves for school on Sunday).
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