Lucy Davis (justcloseby) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lucy Davis

Was I in the wrong here?

In the fish and chip shop, waiting for my food. There is a small child, around the age of two, playing in the doorway. I can tell it's going to end badl, but I mind my own business. The mother is sitting on a seat with her nose in a magazine, ignoring the kid.

I... don't like kids. But I don't specifically mean them any harm. I opened the door, after my food was done, and the kid toppled over and face planted. He bawled, but he wasn't hurt or scratched or anything, just got a fright. It was an accident, I mean, I didn't open the door super fast to TRY to get this kid to fall over...

But the mother started going off at me, saying "Why did you do that for? You should have waited! You should have asked him to move!"

And I went nuts at her. I said, because that's not my job. If you had taken your face out of that magazine for three seconds you could have seen he was PLAYING IN THE DOORWAY and that it's probably not safe. I said, you chose to have the child, now it's on you to care for him and look after him, not expect the world to do it for you. And I said that, he wasn't hurt, and he's probably learned a valuable lesson about doorways not being good places to play - a lesson Mommy clearly hasn't bothered to teach.

So... was I wrong in what I said to the mother? Or are there those of you out there who think I should have "Gently coaxed him out of the way" as his mother clearly expected me to do? How many of you think it's the mother's problem for ignoring him and letting him play somewhere unsafe?

EDIT for clarity - I posted and this and went to bed, and woke up to find all these comments. For the record, I did NOT smash some poor kid in the face with a door. I specifically said I DID NOT open it super fast to TRY to get this kid to fall over. He was standing on the outside of the door, I opened it INWARDS, and he lost his balance. I opened it reasonbly slowly, as it happens - more than enough time for him to realize that the thing he was leaning on was starting to move. Perhaps I should have said that, but I thought "It was an accident, I mean, I didn't open the door super fast to TRY to get this kid to fall over..." said all it needed to say.
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