one life to live (hotcouturewhite) wrote in thequestionclub,
one life to live

1. What is your favorite Audrey Hepburn movie?
2. If caffeine free diet pepsi has no caffeine (obviously), 0 calories, and 0 whatevers of sugar, is it still "bad" for you? Or is it just not good?

3. Do you feel self-conscious when you're taking a shit in a public restroom?

1. I think Roman Holiday is my favorite, with Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's tied for 2nd.
2. I can't see how it would be bad, but people say bad stuff about diet, so I'm wondering.
3. I do feel self-conscious. I wish I didn't. I hate the plopping noises! heh. sometimes, I even put toilet paper in the bowl 1st to muffle the noise. loser.
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