Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

how to teach english to a busboy.

someone asked a question earlier about learning spanish, but i have a bit of a different question on the subject, so bare with me.

see, there's this guy who works at my diner. we'll call him sergio. because that's his name. so, sergio has lived in america for nine years, but never formally studied english. he speaks broken english, and although it's damn cute, i would really like to help him learn to speak more fluently. i don't need something that's going to teach him things like "hello" or most common words. it's more the grammar that he's lacking. but, at the same time, i'd like to pick up some spanish. (although, "te quiero" has worked fine for me thus far...)

what are some good materials that i can pick up to help us both learn our respective foreign languages together?

preferably, something he can do while on break at the diner, since i haven't the time to be messing around with sergio's poor head any further.

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