Becka (obfuscate) wrote in thequestionclub,

Reminded, though not inspired, by loanwords's cooking post.

1. Chili: beans or no beans? Why?
2. When (if) you buy a tube of cookie dough from the grocery store, do you really make cookies, or just eat the dough?

And for something completely different...
3. We really need to repaint the walls in our bathroom. The original paintjob is terrible. It's one coat of paint, with no primer, directly onto the plaster. There are lots of places the paint is just peeling right off. I know that just painting directly over the first coat, as is, will not have good results, but I don't really know what I should do. So, any tips?

1. I'm all for beans. A couple of reasons. First of all, I like beans. Simple enough. Second, I think it adds a better dimension and depth to chili, fills it out, and it lessens the amount of meat required. And since I'm not really a big fan of meat.. it's only right.

2. I rarely, rarely make the cookies. If I make the dough myself, sure, but I just eat the tube.
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