( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id ) (darkemagick) wrote in thequestionclub,
( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id )


Hey, so I was just wondering what you guys would do if in my situation. I'm still a newbie when it comes to relationships. =/

Let's say there is this guy whom you like only as a friend. He tells you one day that he likes you, and that he would really love it if you go out with him. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, you replied back saying that you wouldn't mind going out with him - as a friend, only. And that you are comfortable with being just friends and don't want to change it. He answered that you could give him a chance - go out with him once or twice, and see how things go.

What would you do? Try to see if you could maybe develop feelings for the guy, or tell him again no?

Adding to the situation, what if you have a crush on someone else at the same time? (A crush who is completely unsuitable and unlikely to reciprocate your feelings. )
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