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what do you do when the financial aid dept screws up your financial aid?

I went to school to register for classes today (we're old school, we still have to do it in person) and when they gave me my printout for tuition and scholarships, they had seven little scholarships on there in place of the big scholarship I'm guaranteed to receive for eight semesters. The seven little ones add up to what my big one gives me a semester.

The only thing is I never applied for any of these little ones -- they're all education scholarships so I guess I got them because I started taking education classes and I've kept my grades up. (Or at least that's the assumption I'm making.) I asked someone from the business office what was going on and she said something about they're just trying to find accounts to put money in; she made it sound like the school has money to blow and doesn't know what to do with it or something. I didn't understand it, but then again my first question was about my federal aid since I thought that's where the discrepancy was. I didn't notice until I got home that my big scholarship had been left off entirely.

So at this point I'm not sure what to think. I've been awarded these seven little scholarships and my big scholarship was forgotten. Now I am positive that somebody is going to try to tell me that all of these little scholarships are in place of my trustee scholarship and that it's just a clerical thing, no big deal... but it's not. I was given these seven awards out of nowhere, and where's the one I was guaranteed when I told them I'd go here? I want my trustee scholarship.

(The only reason I think this might be happening is because the scholarship acceptance letter said that I would have to attend some meeting to write a letter to whoever sponsored my scholarship, but I was told by several people that I would be notified of that by mail. I never got anything in my mailbox telling me to attend any such meeting the past year and a half I've been going here.)

So my first question is -- does this make any sense to you?

And second, how do I go about convincing financial aid that they're wrong and they owe me a big chunk of tuition?
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