Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

so, say I've got a fairly decent computer, which I use to do my homework, listen to music, mess around online, and play world of warcraft. I can generally understand things about computers... I could put in my own RAM, but I couldn't build a computer, and I can basically explain how something like spyware removal software works, but can't even do programming in excel. I'm fine with all current versions of windows, and mac os 9.2 and X. (which all happens to be true.)

And I've obtained one boot-from-but-not-install-from disk, and one install disk, of ubuntu linux, which I've used a total of 5 minutes in my lifetime(with no problems).

If I use the boot-from disk and like it... what sort of havoc could I cause with the install disk? in terms of, say, hard to find programs(having not tried it yet i don't know what would come on the disk), things like documents not saving in file types compatible anywhere else, having to by an entirely new copy of WoW- or whether it would work at all... general friendlyness to first time non-mainstream-OS users?

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