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A couple things I'm concerned about.. LONG POST!

I'm a freshman in college. I just had to get an alternative loan. When I read the loan 'rates and fees' information, I see:
"Interest Rate: Prime + 2.00%
The interest rate is variable and may change monthly.
Fee at Disbursement: 0.00%
Fee at Repayment: 3.00%
We will send a Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement to you, which will contain complete financial information about your loan, including repayment interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR). Your promissory note also contains information about interest rates and fees."

I didn't get my promissory note yet. But what does "Prime +2%" mean?

I plan on selling tons of stuff on ebay, to get more money for future NECESSARY expenses. I'm not a big spender, I'll buy something cheap that I like once or twice a month, but I still don't have enough money even though I work part-time.
So I want to get rid of stuff. Like my desktop, with a tall tower and a 17" big CRT screen, and a digital CASIO piano.
How would I go about shipping these, in case someone bought them? I want to know before hand so I dont get myself in trouble / get bad ratings.

I don't know how to ship big stuff ;p

I can look this up on the FAQs, but, do you know if I need something different to be a seller? I'm a new ebay user, and I only have Paypal with a savings bank account available to me, and only been rated a couple times.


One of the classes I want to take is available online. Its an advanced math class. Since I am taking 18 credits, I was wondering if be better off taking the online course, and doing the homework for it while I'm at work (Im a receptionist at a radio station, where nothing ever happens / dont have any work to do).
You can take the exams home, I like that. There will be Quicktime lectures, and notes.

You print the homework and mail it to the professor when done. (On campus). Same with exams.
There's plenty of tutoring on campus, and help is always available, and ofcourse, there's the office hours with the professor, so if I needed help, I woudn't feel alone...

What do you think about this? Can you share experiences with online courses that you've had? Would you recomend this for me?
Is there a way to make some money? I live on campus, don't drive, so places off campus would be difficult to get to. Work-study possitions only allow you 20 hours of work per week. I want more.
Do you have any ideas? Are there any ways you can make money online? (That you know work, and are not illegal).
I've had Google Adsense before, but I don't have my own website anymore (The friend that hosted it is away to India and can't maintain the site anymore).

If you need to know what skills I have, to answer this question, please let me know.
Do you think girls with glasses can be cute too? Why / why not? Specially the kind that has black frames. ;p Can you tell I'm talking about my glasses?
If you have a friend who has the same kind of glasses, do you think s/he looks better with them, or without them?

Uff, you made it this far! Thank you, thank you! Thank you for your time!
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