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I have bought some bookcases which I need to assemble myself.  Upon looking at all the bits and pieces, I find that the screws don't look remotely like they do on the instructions notice.

Instead of looking like so:

They look like this:

Do you reckon they have simplified them on the instructions, or are these a different type of screws?  I know very little of DYI and I just can't figure out at all why they are shaped the way they are.

Everything else is accounted for so I haven't mixed my screws up.  They are the only screws for that product anyway.

(My room is a shambles with the content of the bookcase all over the floor and my bed, and will be until this is sorted, so I will NOT be pleased if I have to wait for spare parts!)...

ADDED: I have now had an answer to my email to the company that makes them, and they are confirming that the screws have been simplified on the instructions. They shouldn't do this in my opinion! Thanks for answers.

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