Bad_lcuk (bad_lcuk) wrote in thequestionclub,

Guys, I just bombed a math test worth 30% of my grade-I literally got the lowest mark in the class :(. The prof said no one was allowed to retake the exam, and with this mark, i probably cant pass and will drag my average way down (Im supposedly graduating in April). I need a class in this field (math) to graduate. For the record, I already have many math classes under my belt, this is just the first of this type i have taken-I have never struggled in math before.

I feel I understand the concepts just swell, but I just made a ton of stupid mistakes involving reading the questions (not the mathematical theory). This prof does not give part marks-so if i did something like write the number down wrong (by switching one with another) and complete a proof correctly, i would get 0 marks out of say, 20.

I have made an appointment with him on Monday to beg him for some sort of salvation. I actually LOVE this class and think its a ton of fun, and while i could just drop it and take another math next term (I have spare time), id actually like to continue this class and learn more. He says the final is going to be about 3x harder then this test.

How do you think I should go about approaching this situation?
1) Beg him to move the weight of the midterm to the final (so my final will be worth 80% of my grade)-this is my number 1 running idea because its not trying to bs him in any way or make excuses for my shitty test writing ability.
2) Ask him his opinion-he is nice but kind of a hard ass, will likely say "you simply dont get it" and not care when i point out my mistakes were just stupid ones.
3) I should not be asking him, and should just try to write the final anyway and hope i can get like 100%
4) I am stupid and should drop the class
5) You tell me!

tl;dr; what food do you like to eat when you are sad?
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