Amanda (minthoney) wrote in thequestionclub,

I think I'm about to uninvite someone to be my bridesmaid.

She's been my friend since high school and although we don't talk much I've always wanted her my wedding, so although I knew she had just gotten engaged and had already chosen her bridesmaids and I wasn't one of them...I asked her anyway. She said yes. I didn't talk to her after that. She showed up at my engagement party unannounced and I was surprised to see her. She brought a card. I haven't talked to her since. She hasn't offered any help with anything or even asked about getting a dress. My wedding is 1/1. She is planning her own in May and she knows what it entails and hasn't shown any interest in talking about it with me or about mine. Do you think she would be honest enough to say so if I asked her if she was uninterested in being in mine? I'm sure I put her in an awkward situation considering she didn't ask me to be in hers. How would I go about...bringing this up?
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