Miss (evilinchw0rm) wrote in thequestionclub,

Random. Sorry for length!

My brother takes his showers at night, and that's all good- I have no issues with that. I take mine at night, as well. But he takes his at 1 in the morning, when everyone is the house is normally asleep. Both my parents wake up from 5:30-6:00 to get up for work and our shower is ridiculously loud causing my parents to wake up. They've tried to talk to him about it, but he's too much of a fucking jerk to consider being NICE for once.

My questions are:
  • Does this not seem ridiculously rude to you?
  • Would there be an effective way to approach him about this? He's a total asshole and I'm not just saying that lightly, as anyone else would say it. He is a really big asshole. He has no consideration for other peoples feelings WHATSOEVER.

    Our rooms are right next to each other, and we share a wall. While I'm sick, he takes his dart gun [he's 17, understand] and shoots it at the wall bordering on both our rooms. The reloading and the shooting itself makes so much noise I dragged myself out of bed, stormed into his room in all my brilliant illness and screamed at him "JESUS CHRIST, BEN, STOP SHOOTING SHIT. I FEEL LIKE CRAP, CAN I NOT HAVE SILENCE? DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE" before my mother came in and shooed me back into my room. He then proceeded to empty a few more rounds (about 18 dartsworth, reloading and cocking the thing a billionmilliontimes) RIGHT INTO HIS DOOR, echoing the noise through the hallway into my room. I really want to punch him in the face sometimes. He also refuses to apologize to me because he sees no wrong in anything he does and cannot for the life of him understand that he needs to change.
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