kayleighlbean (kayleighlbean) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am considering going on medication to treat depression and anxiety. I am concerned that I should make sure to get certain other things fixed before I even attempt to try a new medication. The problems are potential food allergies, I may possibly have some sort of a digestive disorder, and I have poor time management skills. While I plan on adressing all of these problems, they are time consuming and will require visits to specialists and testing different methods for treatment if it is found to be a problem. My symptoms are severe enough that I am scared to wait for that long.

Would having all these 'balls in the air' so to speak negatively effect the strength of the antidepressants? Is it worth it to try the anti depressants anyways if the symptoms are bad?

What do you think of this?

I am aware that they are twenty years old, but considering that the other two mostly keep their clothes on while Lea Michele strips to her skivvies in every picture, the whole thing just seems kind of skanky.
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