pancakelollipop (pancakelollipop) wrote in thequestionclub,

coworkers insist on keeping the paper towels on the toilet tank in the bathroom at work (very small bathroom) instead of putting them closer to the sink. this would be fine IF people put the lid down before they flushed, but since they dont, i never use them. I leave the bathroom with dripping wet hands and refuse to use them.

i've moved the paper towel roll to the sink area countless times but they always end up back on the toilet tank. i put the lid down after i use it but everytime i go in there, the lid is up.

how should i change my coworkers behavior? should i make a poster illustrating that germy toilet water sprays all over the vicinity of the toilet with every flush, subsequently soiling the very thing you touch AFTER washing your hands?? if yes, will you draw me such a poster in MS Paint?
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