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Question for Canadians.

For Canadians, or any Americans who happen to know this stuff about Canada.

As you know, we've got an election coming up. Now, I moved a few months ago. The only government record of my address that I have changed thus far is my Ontario driver's license.

I know the Canada Revenue Agency doesn't have my new address yet - I've gotten income tax notices as well as GST refund checks that have been readdressed by CanadaPost's readdressing service. As far as I was aware, it is through your income tax return that they compile the list of electors, and from there mail out the election cards (you know the ones I'm talking about).

Now, I received my election card addressed directly to my new correct address, rather than it having been readdressed by the post office.

Since when does the federal government get information from the provincial governments? How did they get my new address? I'm confused.
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