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Me and a friend are planning on travelling together within the next few months. I live in Ontario and he currently lives in Gerogia, so the plan is that I am going to bus all the way over there in March and live with him. He will finish school and we will be off. The problem is that I have a G2 license from Ontario. We are both going to be driving.

So my question is, is it legal to drive in the U.S. with a canadian license? And if I needed to work for a few months to fund this trip, I would probably be living in georgia for a little while. Could I get a work permit? How long would the process be? Is it even legal for me to be living there if I'm not a citizen.

And is anyone here a member on If so, do you surf the couches or let people sleep on yours?

Thank you!

So, say that make it into the states. Would I be able to apply for a visa while I am there so I can stay longer and not be illegal. And does the same go for if I wanted to temporarily get a work permit?

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