John Black (shruikan13) wrote in thequestionclub,
John Black

Let's See What You Think

The following is the exact words of the school handbook on Cell phones:

“Cell Phones are to be out of sight and in the off position while in the school building. Cell phones may be used only OUTSIDE the building. Cell phones will be confiscated for return after the $25 fine is paid ($50 for a second offense), an parent contact is made and a detention is issued.” (Page 16 of the student handbook)

At 2:40 PM, (20 minutes after school lets out) a student pulls out his cell phone to check the time. He realizes that his cell phone is, and has been off all day, so he turns it on to check the time. He wipes the screen and puts it back in his pocket. A teacher sees him, and asks him for his cell.

TEACHER: Give me your cell phone.


TEACHER: Turn it off. (The phone is still loading at this time.)

STUDENT: Sorry, it needs to turn on all the way before it can turn off. (The cell phone finishes loading and the student turns it off and gives it to the teacher.)

TEACHER: And your ID.

STUDENT: (Hands Teacher his ID.)

TEACHER: (Walks away.)


Now holding no personal prejudices against ether of the unnamed people in this account, please comment with the name of the person you would side with and why.
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