a81688 (a81688) wrote in thequestionclub,

ugh verizon

Okay so my husband got deployed about 2 months ago and right before he did he cancled the verizon wireless account we had together. They told us we had to pay the last months bill and that was it. They were not going to charge an early termination or anything like that. Fine, I paid that months bill which was only $50. That was back in September. I just got an email from them saying I owe a balance of $453.00.. I havent used the phone since August. And when I tried to call verizon I punch in the phone number I had and it tells me the number is not valid and that I dont have an account with them, (duh). So it wont let me speak to customer service.
Wtf should I do? Just ignore it?? Go to a store and demand some answers??
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