Itty Bitty Piggy ♥ (vivalapiggy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Itty Bitty Piggy ♥

I'm trying to clip my cat's nails and she's giving me a hell of a time. I'm barely cutting anything substantial, just trimming a small bit of the tip and I can clearly see that I'm nowhere near hitting the quick so I can't imagine that im hurting her but she jumps as soon a I get a steady hand. She's making me so nervous that I'm sweating after one clip but her nails are pretty long and I'd like to get them trimmed before I put on her new claw caps so she doesn't get ingrowns.

Any tips for keeping her calm? She has a sensitive stomach (and diarrhea right now, ugh) so I'd like to avoid using a lot of food as an incentive.
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