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This is so silly, I just had to cross post it here! :-D

I finally found an album that MusicNOW doesn't have!!! At first, I felt this little victory inside because I had stumped them. Then, I got kinda sad, because you know what, I really wanted to listen to 'H T S'. Then I reached in my purse because I was like, "Oh, I can listen to it on my PSP!" Unfortunately, I left the PSP at home because I was playing it before I went to sleep. So, I'm listening to Panic! At the Disco right now, which ironically, has something to do with the name of the album I can't find on MusicNOW.

Now - if you can tell me what song from what album by what band I could not find on MusicNOW from that paragraph, you win a prize! ** Liz and my father are not allowed to participate because I already complained to them about it.

** - Prize? I mean my eternal admiration. :-P Or maybe a custom icon or something?
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