plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, should I live with different people next year?

I could stay in this house, except one person wants to leave (but may not/may not find anywhere), it can get noisy, they're friends but can get very irritating, we're all on the same course so I don't feel like i'm leaving work as it were, there's going to be a massive rush on houses next year. There's 6 people.

Or I could live with approximately 8 people, some of whom i'm close friends with, others I don't know so well, have a real laugh with, all on different courses, aren't into house parties so it'd be fairly quiet but haven't approached them about living with them and there's no guarantee of a house. Also it could damage relations with the current people as they'd have to find somewhere else to live/new housemate(s)

dk/dc, how do you make yourself confront someone about their behavior when you know it'd cause an atmosphere, but has to be said?
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