Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

I agreed to meet someone today to take over their cell phone contract at 11:30am. 

My fiance and I were early by 10 minutes so we started to set up our account and then we waited. He got bored and went to wander around and the salesman asked why we were taking over a contract instead of starting a new one. I told him that it seemed like the easiest way and I thought it was a good deal. The salesman offered me a better deal at half the price with a free phone.

As I pondered this the time went by and this person didn't show. I had time to go get my eyebrows done and tea and everything! We finally left after waiting 50 minutes. 

I got an email from the girl saying she missed us by 5 minutes claiming she didn't know her bus times and was wondering when we were free to try again as she already signed up with a new phone and now has two contracts and needs to get out of this one. 

Would you go for the better deal or would you try again? If you would give her a second chance and spend more money what are the reasons?
What would you tell her? 

Even if I think she's sincere about her mixing up her bus times I want to cancel on her and just sign up for the cheaper deal. 

ETA: She's a complete stranger but seemed nice when we arranged things.
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