Herpity durrr. (kaz_lynx) wrote in thequestionclub,
Herpity durrr.

How would you go about asking the super-awkward "So are we dating or what?" question? Be creative and non-srs for bonus marks.

One of my IRL buds has suggested "So, remember those co-workers of mine I introduced you to the other day? They asked if you were my boyfriend and I did not know what to respond with. Are we dating or are we still just FWB or what?" I'm so bad at this shit I have to have outside help, durrr.

And yes, this is still all relating to FWB/boycrush. I was too chickenshit to bring it up on Saturday so I promised myself I'd try again this week...

DK/DC: Did your parent(s) read to you when you were a kid? What was that one book that you ALWAYS demanded they read to you, even though they tried to get you to pick something different? Mine was Green Eggs And Ham.

Do you read (or want to read) that book to your kids?
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