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ohhh the drama

so, my roommate and i planned a trip to new york this weekend. we've got mutual and individual friends up there. i recommended to her that she ask her one friend if she could stay with him, and, if that fails, that she ask another friend. i told her i was going to ask my old roommate (denny), who's a busy med school student, if i could just crash at his place.

so, her friend #2 doesn't answer his phone and, all of a sudden friend #1 is going out of town this weekend. so she says "well, i guess we'll just both have to stay at denny's" and i'm a little flabbergasted and say "um, he doesn't have room for two people." thinking 'have i not already demonstrated how stressed out he is and how it'd be a pain for me to stay with him?'

so, she gets all pissed off at me for god knows what reason and now we have to find a hotel to stay in because, even though i have a place to stay, she doesn't. so, basically i'm gonna have to spend over a hundred bucks because her friends are unreliable.

does anyone see any way out of this? do i have a right to be pissed, or does my mere suggestion that i'd be staying with denny imply to her that she's also welcome there?

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