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if anyone can help me out...

many years ago (6, i believe) timaeusdaspirge bought me this mug tankard as an xmas present. my romate's devil cat broke it today by knocking it off the kitchen table. it is was, quite literally, my solo drinking vessel, aside from a backup JD mug and a drinking horn. i have never seen another like it anywhere. there are pictures below the cut. it was a 22 oz/half litermug tankard . the metal is pewter and the glass is blue.

there was no manufacturer or stamp ANYWHERE on the item

it held 22 ozes of goodness

the cat broke it by knocking it off the table - the glass inside is totally busted up

but as you can see in the pics, it was really more of a 22oz glass cylendar encased in a pewter shell /mug handle

i need a new mug tankard . i don't want to get a straight pewter one, because they flavor drinks slightly IMO. so, what i am looking for is something of heavy glass or pewter/glass that i can use to replace my fallen warror. can anyone help me find this mug to replace it, or a comprable replacement?

fuckin cats.

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