Carly (carllyy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Car Insurance

I was involved in a car accident on Dec 26/05. I was a passenger in my boyfriends car. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and diagnosed with whiplash.

At this point I'm still in a whole lot of constant pain and my movement is severely restricted. I saw my doctor today and I now have to get physiotherapy for at least a couple months.

My question is about insurance. Mainly, whose insurance is responsible for paying my medical bills? My boyfriend was determined as not at fault for the accident since it happened as a result of a car cutting him off. He then lost control on the highway and we were hit by two more cars. As we've been told many times, we're lucky to be alive.

His insurance company has told him that I should be claiming through my insurance company because essentially they insure me, and I was injured. As I said before though, I wasn't driving, and it wasn't my car.

Is anyone familiar with this? Also, will my premiums go up if I submit this to my insurance company?

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